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Wallpaper Design

Display your personalized wallpaper design on multiple computers.
We design wallpaper to portray your company logo and any custom graphic design of your choice.

Desktop wallpaper are a creative way to enforce your corporate identity or promote your website.

Why make Wallpaper on your site?

There are many reasons, but the most important are :
– better image for your company (website)
– get more trafic to your site
– present for your customer
– setup the wallpapers inside of your company

We have a good experiance with wallpaper design, made since 1992.

Wallpaper will encress your website, also like:
– icons
– sceensaver
– ecards
– etc…

See some of our works…

wallpaper slideshow

Samples of Wallpaper Design

View a selection of our wallpaper designs

Find here some of our works;

– Ask Job
– Hotel Beau-Rivage Zermatt
– Buddha Desktop Pictures
– Christmas Links
– Coco Dive Vietnam
– Découvrir le Vietnam
– Dive Vietnam
– Easy Divers
– Easter Links
– FR Trains
– Golf Club Matterhorn

– Halloween Links
– Centre Honda Genève
– Hôtel Albatros Zermatt
– Scuba Section
– SwissCorner
– Think different Desktop Pictures
– Valentine Links
– Whale Island Resort
– Zoo La Garenne


Q. What are the wallpaper sizes ?
A. Sizes of the Computer Screens (pixels), Sizes : 2560×1600, 2048×1280, 1920×1200, 1680×1050, 1600×1200, 1600×1024, 1440×1050, 1440×900, 1280×1024, 1280×960, 1280×854, 1152×864, 1152×768, 1024×768, 832×624, …

Q. What are the delivered file formats ?
A. Normaly all wallpapers are in jpg, gif or png format

Q. Is there a copyright on the wallpaper ?
A. – © can be added on the wallpaper
– © can be added inside the file (comment)
– © can be watermarked

Q. What is the surfer’s screen size ?
A. We will provide you with a JavaScript which determines the users screen size : We detect that your display is set to : javascript here

Q. Readme & copyright info on web page ?
A. We deliver a basic text for the readme, where the users can find out how to use the wallpaper on theire computer (Mac & Windows)

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