Ile de la Baleine Vietnam

Concept for Web development

Base Creation

  • Concept of the Web Site
    • General Study
    • Graphic design
    • Draft Paper (Story Board)
    • Define CMS to use
  • Images and texts
    • scan and retouching of images
    • format the texts
    • integrate images and texts in the pages for the Web (html)
  • Site Map
    • the themes
    • the indexes
    • the files
  • Development stages
    • 1st draft
    • 2nd draft for correction
    • final site
    • upload to the server
    • final control

Special Pages

  • multi langue site
  • guestbook
  • forums and blog’s
  • search engines
  • survey, forms
  • on-line ordering system
  • on-line payment system
  • counters for pages
  • testimonials
  • weather (live)
  • image maping (links by zone)
  • statistics for the site (online)
  • programming PHP, CGI/Perl, SQL and JavaScript, etc…
  • HTML 4.0 +
  • domain name registration
  • special configuration of the server

Special Creation

  • page links (by theme)
  • sitemap page (index of the site)
  • weather page (continent, country, city, forecast, satellite…)
  • news page (link to the most requested news site)
  • stock exchange page (ticker, search, links)
  • webcam page (your camera, or city cam,…)
  • logo (your logo, adapted for the Web)
  • buttons (2D or 3D, actives)
  • banner (small and big)
  • animation’s GIF (in proportion to your script)
  • music, sounds (midi, JFF, MP3)
  • multimedia (Shockwave, Flash)
  • video (AVI, Quick-Time)
  • divers objets in the pages (title, bare, icon…)
  • wallpaper (background, structure or effect)


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  • client maintenance
  • by DVDesign
    • update pages
    • update images
    • general updates
    • creation of new pages


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