Title: Description: STOP-AIDS aims to partner with a variety of people and organizations to increase worldwide attention to the AIDS epidemic. – (2002.09) WebSite: [...]

Paiter Surui People

Title: Paiter Surui People Description: Paiter Surui People – “Surui” is the most widely known name for our people. It was given to us by the anthropologists, but our real name is Paiter, [...]


Title: OMPI/WIPO Description: OMPI/WIPO – At home with invention & Posters… – (2001.03) WebSite: Made in: 2001.03


Title: ISADO Description: ISADO – Infirmière à domicile dans le Canton de Genève – (2004.03) WebSite: Made in: 2004.03


Title: DonationPixel Description: DonationPixel – Donation pixel, charity donation for humanitarian projects, charity for children, disaster victims, disabled people in the third world, [...]


Title: AquaVerde Description: AquaVerde International – The Amazonian forest is the World’s largest freshwater supply. The Future of Mankind will depend on it. You can help preserve [...]

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