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Photo Editing

Digital photo retouching, Photo editing, Photographic composition.

We put at your disposal our knowledge in retouching and photographic shooting.

Professional photo retoucher
Professional Photoshop for retouching your photos.

We are specialized in professional photo shooting and retouching based in Geneva. We offer online retouching services worldwide.

Our team is composed of professional retouchers and photo creators who are attentive to your needs.

Who are our retouching services for?
Our offers are for everyone, whether you are an individual, a company or a photographer. For a single image or a batch of photos. Our services adapt to your needs.

Photographer and graphic designer with more than 40 years of experience, we offer you our services to retouch your photos and make them more amazing and convincing, with expert quality!

• improvement of general colorimetry
• brightness / contrast
• tone correction and white balance
• sharpness and noise reduction
• correction of stains and imperfections
• delete unwanted objects
• beauty touch-up (skin smoothing, reshaping the silhouette …)
• restore your old, damaged, faded or torn images
• improve pixels by removing imperfections, scars and wrinkles
• photographic colorizations
• trimming
• photomontages / photographic compositions
• black and white / special effects / colour change / hue filter

We offer different costs depending on the variety of photos to be retouched and the retouching to be done.
We also provide special rates for various quantities of photos.

Some options in detail

Changing the brightness
This first option allows an improvement visible at first glance to your photographs.
An effective professional touch.
Contrast modification
This second option complements the first. Improving the contrast of a photograph helps to bring out the shapes.
Color Optimization
Last of the basic package options. Say goodbye to bland colors.
Skin touch-up
Step by step, the retoucher removes impurities from the skin.
A professional option used to remove all imperfections.
Photographic cropping
A classic of professional photography. Trimming consists in extracting the subject from a fact.
Special effects
Photographic retouching
offers so many possibilities!

What are the rates for our image retouching services?
Our rates generally depend on the time needed to make the changes. We also have discounts depending on the quantity of images. We can send you an offer on request.

Option 1: If you have the photo(s) in hand, you can send them directly to us, along with a list of the desired modifications.
Option 2: If you just need a price quotation, send us a message with as many details as possible about your approximate needs.

Contact us for a quote!
Fill out the form below to request a quote for your image editing project.

You can also send us your files by email at service@dvdesign.com.

The quote is free and does not commit you in any way.

Average price

Prices on estimate for: complicated retouching, photomontages, complex unique effects, photographic compositions, changing the colour of the elements

Photo retouching – Basic > CHF 15.00/photo
Rendering improvement – Cropping – Brightness & Contaste
– Tone and white balance correction – Sharpness – Noise reduction – Colorimetric adjustment – Spot and small imperfections correction

Photo retouching – Expert > CHF 25.00/photo
Complete photographic post-processing – Removal of elements and spots
– Addition of elements – Retouching / Beauty retouching (skin smoothing, silohuette reshaping, ect…) – Trimming – Reconstruction of damaged and/or old photos – Photographic colorizations – Black / White – Simple special effects – Color filter

– 20 Photos – basic retouching > CHF 250.
– 50 Photos – basic retouching > CHF 500.00
– 100 Photos – basic retouching > CHF 800.00

Expert Retouch > On quotation

Do not hesitate to contact us!

maximum 8MB

Some samples of our works

For the Hotel Beau-Rivage in Zermatt

For the Whale Island Resort in Vietnam

For the Takalau Resort in Vietnam

For the Takalau Resort in Vietnam

For a Golf Club in Vietnam

For ACWL.ch in Geneva

For Honda Geneva

For Richert’s Armory in Geneva

For Roch Custom Armory in Geneva

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